web AAVV The rough guide to the music of wales (incompleto)
web AAVV Gorau Gwerin (the best of Welsh folk music)  
lp Ali Grogan Llew Heulwen  
live Ali Grogan (live) Lorient '84  
lp Ar Log 2  
cd Cheryl Ann Fulton The airs of Wales  
web Carreg Lafar Hyn
web Crasdant Welsh Traditional Music
live Dros Dro (live) Lorient '84  
cd Fernhill Whilia  
web Fernhill Ca' Ns
web Fernhill Llatai
live Margareth Llwchwr (live) Lorient '84  
live Penn Y Fay (live) Lorient '84  
web Plethyn Best of the Rest on CD 1 SS
web Plethyn Best of the Rest on CD 2 SS


cd AAVV  Mammyk Ker ... All The Best From Cornwall  
live Anam (Live) Bristol, Albert Hole, 5-11-1007  
web Anao Atao (varie)  
web Bucca (varie)  
live Brenda Wootton (live) Lorient '84  
web Brenda Wootton (varie)  
cd Dalla A Richer Vein  
cd Dalla Rooz  



tape Charles Guard Avenging and bright  



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