The sardana (plural sardanes) is a type of circle dance typical of Catalonia.
There are two main types, the original sardana curta (short sardana) style and the more modern sardana llarga (large sardana), which is more popular. Other more unusual sardanes are the sardana de llu´ment and the sardana revessa.
Nobody knows when the sardana originated, but it has been popular since the 16th century. Some believe the sardana is two thousand years old, but such theories have few adherents.
Music for the sardana is played by a cobla or band, consisting of 12 instruments played by 11 musicians. Four of these instruments (tenora, tible, flaviol and tamborÝ) are typical Catalan instruments; the others are more conventional.
The music of the sardana (m˙sica de cobla) can be played alone or in a group. There are lots of lyrics for sardana music, but only instrumental versions are used for dancing.

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