Music of  Aragon


Aragon is a region in northeastern Spain. Aragonese culture is mostly Iberian, meaning it derives from North African sources, but is also characterized by Celtic, Moorishand French influences. Instruments include rattles and, perhaps most distinctively, the guitarro, a unique kind of guitar.

Jota music remains probably the best-known style of music from Aragon. It is popular across Spain, but originates in the southern part of Aragon. Jota is swift and rhythmically complex, characterized by changes in tonalityand repeating rhythms. Instruments include tambourines, flutes and castanets  castanets and the voice is also prominent. The jota's origin is uncertain, but possible sources include the Moors and the ancient Celtiberian inhabitants of the area. There are three kinds of jota: Jota Zaragozana, danced with raised arms with a swift tempo; Jota from southern Aragon, slow and elegant tempo, danced with the feet always on the ground; Jota from northern Aragon, a mix of the above

Drums are prominent in Aragonese music, possibly an influence from North African Hamitic Berbers or Tuaregs. Aside from jota, other genres of popular Aragonese music include alboradas and rondas.




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