Music of Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is in Caucasus but, musically, it is more closely linked to Persian culture. The classical music of Azerbaijan (like that of Iran) is called magham, and is usually a suite with poetry and instrumental interludes. The sung poetry sometimes includes tahrir segments, which use a form of throat singing similar to yodelling. The poetry is typically about divine love and is most often linked to Sufi Islam. The Iranian stringed tar is the most distinctive and common of Azeri musical instruments.

Ashiqs are travelling bards who sing and play the saz, a form of lute. Their songs are semi-improvised around a common base.

List of mugam singers: Jammar Karyagdioglu Ensemble, Zahid Guliyev, Fahraddin Dadashov, Sakine Ismaïlova, Mohled Muslumov, Alim Qasimov (Alem Kassimov)




  • (cordofoni) tar - saz

  • (aerofoni)

  • (membranofoni)

  • (idiofoni)

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