Music of Canary Islands


The Canary Islands used to be inhabited by a Hamitic race called the Guanches; they are now extinct, and Spaniards live on the islands. Jota, from Aragon, is popular, as is Latin music, which has left its mark in the form of the charangaguitar. There has been a strong connection with Cuban music, both through commerce and migration.

Popular dances from the Canary Islands include:  Isas; Seguidillas; El Tajaraste;  Baile del Candil;  Baile de Cintas;  Danza de Enanos;  El Santo Domingo;  El Tanganillo; Folias;  Malagueñas

Of these, the Isas are the most well-known and characteristic fo the Canary Islands. It is a graceful music with much variation between the islands. In some places, a captain leads the dance and forms others in a chain as the dance grows more complex.

Instruments in the Canary Islands include charangas, timples (similar to a ukulele), castanets, panderetas, lauds and guitars.

Canarian musicians: Brandania; Pedro Guerra; Rosana




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