Music of Castile and Leon


Central Spain includes the cultural melting pot of Madrid and Castille. Their culture is historically Celtiberian in character, and influences from the Moors, Portugal and other sources are important. A down-tempo version of jota is common, as well as a variety of Andalusian flamenco. The gaita, a Galician bagpipe, is widespread in northern Leon. The city of Madrid is known for chotis music, while Salamanca is home to tuna, a form of serenade played by students in medieval clothing who play the guitar and tambourine.

Castillian folk music is largely rural, and agricultural work songs are common. Simple, romantic songs are typical, and many of the composers from from Burgos. Castillian dances include Agudos; Agudillos; Jotas; Jotillas

In contrast, Leon is dominated by palatial dances that are extremely complex. Many of the most popular songs come from Ronda. Dances from Leon include: Baile a lo Alto; Baile del Pandero; Danza de las Doncellas Cantadoras; Danza de la Muerte; El Corrido; La Giraldilla; Los Mandiles; Zapateta





  • (cordofoni)

  • (aerofoni) gaita

  • (ancia libera)

  • (membranofoni)

  • (idiofoni)

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