Music of Cornwall


Cornwall is a region in southwest Englandwhich has been historically Celtic roots revival. The most famous Cornish folk performer is likely the family band Anao Atao.

Cornish musicians have used a variety of traditional Celtic instruments, as well as imported mandolins, banjos and accordions. The bodhrán (crowdy crawn in Cornish) has remained especially popular for years.

Cornsh dance music is especially known for the cushion dance from the 19th century, which was based on an old tune adapted for French court dances.

Cornish music festivals called troyl were common, and are analogous to the closely-related fest-noz of the Bretons.




  • (cordofoni)

  • (aerofoni)

  • (ancia libera)

  • (membranofoni) crowdy crawn

  • (idiofoni)

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