Music of Lithuania


Lithuania has a long history of unique polyphonic music played on flutes, zithers (kankles)and other instruments. Traditional songs called dainos are the most prominent folk music of Lithuania. They vary widely across the country, which is the largest of the Baltic states. Most popularly, Aukštaitija in northeastern Lithuania is known for sutartines music.

Kankles, quadrilles and waltzes. They also accompany rateliai music and dance, alongside a kind of whistle called lamzdeliai, fiddles and a three-stringed bass fiddle called basetle. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, accordions, concertinas and bandoneons were incorporated into folk ensembles.

Perhaps the most important Lithuanian group is Skriaudziai kankles, formed in 1906. 1924 saw the first Dainu Sventes (literally "Holidays of Songs"), song festivals which were state-supported and helped to keep folk traditions alive. The 1960s saw people rebelling against these Soviet-controlled traditions, and led a roots revival that soon led to celebrations of Lithuanian identity in festivals and celebrations. Nowadays the Lithuanian music industry is dominated by pop music, although several folk- and folklore ensembles are still active.



Strumenti: ,

  • (cordofoni) zithers (kankles), basetle

  • (aerofoni) flutes, lamzdeliai (whisle),

  • (ancia libera) accordions, concertinas and bandoneons

  • (membranofoni)

  • (idiofoni)

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