Music of Murcia


Murcia is a region in Spain whose music is most famously the religious Auroras songs, which are derived from La Mancha and Andalusia. They include a cappella chants, sometimes accompnied by church bells. They are often performed along small paths in orchards at night.


Caudrillas are festive songs sung at celebrations and holidays, especially on Christmas Eve. The Fandango Murciano is a well-known variation of the Andalusian fandango characterized by long extensions of the voice. José Verdú's Cantos populares de Murcia is a well-known collection of Murcian songs.



  • (solisti)  

  • (gruppi)


  • (cordofoni)

  • (aerofoni)

  • (membranofoni)

  • (ancia libera)

  • (idiofoni)


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