Anglo Concertina



The Anglo concertina is also English (i.e. it comes from England). Its name is short for Anglo-German concertina because it uses a layout system similar to the German Chemnitzer Konzertina. It plays a different note when a button is pressed and the bellows compressed than when the bellows are expanded. This suck-blow operation is similar to a harmonica's. Irish traditional musicians use the Anglo to play fast melodic reels and jigs (and they call it the Irish concertina). Others (notably John Kirkpatrick) have explored a rich polyphonic use of the instrument.
Anglos have two or three curved horizontal rows of buttons. Two of these rows play a diatonic scale, each in a particular key. These two keys are normally a fifth apart, for example G and D. The third row (where present) provides accidentals and notes needed to make more note combinations possible in each bellows direction.

Anglo Concertinas
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