Kemenche is a persian  word which derived from the word   keman (=bow, curve)" and suffix -che (gives "small" meaning) means "little instrument played by bow".

       In central Asia there are many instruments that can be the origin of kemenche. Studies show that even there is some different names like KIYAK and IKLIG the name of instrument paleyed by a bow is generally KEMENECHE among the Mongol and Turk tribes in central and far asia.

In Turkey, there are different instruments called as kemenche. From these varieties, the Blacksea Kemenche and the Türkmen Kemenche (Southeastern Kemenche) are used in folk music. The Blacksea Kemenche has a narrower body and its shape is more rectangular (bottle sahaped). The instrument used in Turkish Classical Music is called as Classical Kemenche  which has a wider and rounder body (pear shaped). All kemenches are played with a bow. Unlike a classical kemenche player, however, the Blacksea kemenche player plays while standing. On some parts on asia and europe yu can see some instruments very similar  to Turkish classical kemenches with different names like LYRA in Greece, GADULGA in Bulgaria, REBAB in some Arabic countries. On the other hand also you can find similar instrumets like Turkmen kemenche in Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia. But It is interesting that either in asia or in the other parts of the world you can not find an instrument which has similar shape with  Blacksea kemenche. So we can say that It only belongs to Blacksea region, Blacksea people, and everybody originally comes from this part of Anatolia

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