This is a string instrument of the lute family with long neck. Although measurements do very from maker to maker, however, the string length is between ( 680 -750 ) mm, the body length ( 450 - 500 ) mm, body width ( 310 - 380 ) mm, body depth ( 160 - 200 )mm, neck length ( 325 - 365) mm, neck width at the joint with body ( 50 ) mm and (35- 45) mm at the top end ( joint with head ), and head length ( 130 -160 )mm. The soundboard is made of spruce, and the body usually is made of maple, walnut, ebony, rosewood, or a combination of white and darker woods. The laouto has four double sets of strings, which are tuned in fifths ( Cc-Gg-Dd-aa ) starting from the bass. Laouto has a re-entrant tuning , because ( Gg ) is tuned a fourth lower than ( Cc ). In the mainland of Greece at the end of the 19nth century the laouto was build in three defferent sizes, nowadays, one finds only two sizes. The middle size, which is found in the mainland of Greece, and the larger size which is played mainly in the island of Crete, which has different tuning ( Gg - Dd - Aa - ee ), the re-entrant tuning is still a characteristic of the Cretan laouto, because ( Dd ) is a fourth lower than ( Gg ). The role of the laouto in Greek traditional music is that of accompaniment, either providing the rhythmical values, or following the melody of the song.

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